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Southern Connecticut Restoration offers you the most

efficient and affordable services from a team of highly

experienced professionals. Our team is dedicated to giving our clients peace of mind through services that cover a multitude

of issues.


With more than a century of combined experience in various restoration specialties, our team leverages industry

relationships with knowledge, compassion, and



Our team has provided disaster restoration services

in Connecticut since 2000. Fire, smoke, water, wind and even vandalism damage repair takes expertise and experience in all aspects of construction with a keen eye for minute details and a working knowledge of building codes and client needs.

Service with a smile

Protect your family


From fire and smoke damage to wind and water, environmental damage can wreak havoc on your home or business.


Our team has a keen eye and unmatched knowledge of building codes so you never have to worry about how successful your restoration project will be.


We’re dedicated to meeting your needs no matter what services

you choose.

Southern Connecticut Restoration also offers additional services:


• Cleaning

• Air Conditioning

• Heating

• Stain Removal

• Structural Drying

• Redecorating

• Remodeling

Our experienced and certified staff continually strives to improve the level of service to our customers.


Through state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques, we guide our clients down a path that is

efficient and affordable.  

We work with you 24-HOURS a day, 7 days a week to ensure your project is underway and your home or office stable.


Whatever the cause; no matter how extensive the damage, we're here to help you get back on

your feet.

Our professional craftsmen work with residential, commercial and multiple dwelling reconstructions.


Our experienced and skilled employees are trained in all aspects of construction repair. The work crews from Southern Connecticut Restoration are professional craftsmen of the first order.

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Reaching the Highest Level of Construction Repair

"Southern Connecticut Restoration has won the prestigious Blue Hammer award from Nationwide Insurance. Only seven (7) contractors, from a network of over 1500 were selected, Southern Connecticut Restoration being the only one from the North East region to receive this honor. As a Blue Hammer winner,  we have been invited to participate in Nationwide’s Contractor Advisory Group for a one-year term. During this time will share their expertise in order to enhance the restoration process among all the contractor members."

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